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A better way to evaluate your teachers and 

staff while helping them grow.

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To accomplish fully effective and successful K-12 education, schools and districts must develop, evaluate, and retain the best teachers and school personnel. TalentEd Perform helps make teacher and staff evaluation comprehensive, customizable, efficient, and accessible.

TalentEd Perform saves valuable time, money, and resources, allowing you to focus on efficiently and effectively evaluating and developing your teachers and school leaders.
  • Customize to fit or adapt to existing forms and processes, or to adhere to state or national frameworks.
  • Reduce paperwork and minimize cost. No hardware to buy and nothing to install.
  • Available anywhere you can access the Internet, even on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Automate workflow and communications.

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How TalentEd Perform works
The comprehensive evaluation system designed to handle all of your employee evaluation needs

TalentEd Perform is flexible and customizable, allowing you to simplify, automate, and improve your evaluation process, even if that process changes. 

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TalentEd Perform Features
Process Reporting - TalentEd Perform
Process Reporting 
Know the status of the evaluation process in real time

Track the progress and success of your evaluation process. See which evaluators are on schedule and who needs help. 
Automatic Workflow, e-Signatures and Reminder Alerts - TalentEd Perform
Automatic Workflow, e-Signatures and Reminder Alerts
You don't have to do the "nagging" anymore

Employees receive automatic reminders to complete their forms, which are automatically forwarded to the appropriate supervisors for review and signature. 
Form Builder - TalentEd Perform
Form Builder
Your forms, your way

Configure the system to use your existing evaluation rubrics and update them at any time. 
Tablet and Mobile Phone Access - TalentEd Perform
Tablet and Mobile Phone Access
You don't have to be tethered to your desk or desktop computer

Anywhere, anytime access to complete forms quickly and view the status of any evaluation. 
Evaluation Process Builder - TalentEd Perform
Evaluation Process Builder
Compliance made simple

Ensure evaluations are being completed in accordance with your district (and state) guidelines. The Process Builder ensures that the correct document is completed and signed at the right time, by the right person. 
Evaluation Result Analytics - TalentEd Perform
Evaluation Result Analytics
Have all the evaluation information you need at your fingertips

The power of TalentEd Perform is brought to life with analytics that help you make data-driven decisions and generate relevant and timely reports.
Everything Online - TalentEd Perform
Everything Online
No paper necessary

Complete all forms online -- including goal-setting, walk-through, observation, and summative evaluation forms -- quickly and easily. 
Sync Evaluation Tasks - TalentEd Perform
Sync Evaluation Tasks with Your Existing Calendar
Never overlook or forget an important evaluation task again

Stay organized with automated evaluation scheduling and sync them with your calendar. 
Personal Improvement Plans Support - TalentEd Perform
Personal Improvement Plans Support
Tracking made easy

Develop and track your PIPs. Teachers can easily access them and document progress. 
Built for what you do. No matter what that is.

TalentEd Perform eases the performance evaluation paperwork and management burden on district- and school-level administration, from Principals to Human Resources to Superintendents. Meanwhile, your administrators, assistants, teachers, and staff will appreciate Perform’s ease of use and transparency.

  • Superintendents - TalentEd Perform
  • Human Resources - TalentEd Perform
    Human Resources
  • Principals - TalentEd Perform

Affordable and efficient, helping your principals develop the best teachers and staff

Ensure your district complies with state requirements, while automating evaluations for the whole district — teachers, administrators, and classified staff — in one system.

Your principals and Human Resource administrators love TalentEd Perform because it solves so many evaluation headaches. Less paper and filing. Flexibility and customization. Maintain scheduled workflow with automatic reminders and calendar synchronization.

And because we recognize that budgets are a concern, TalentEd Perform is cost-effective for districts and institutions of any size. Because it’s Web-based, you can eliminate paper and hardware costs.

With minimal training time required, your HR staff and principals can utilize the full power of TalentEd Perform — and without the expertise of the IT department.

In fact, with TalentEd Perform’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction, the IT department is able to focus its attention elsewhere. Our team takes care of all the software hosting, upgrades, backups, and security.

Customize forms and processes without the filing

As a Human Resources administrator, you’re often at the mercy of outdated, inefficient processes that aren’t optimized to fit how you work best.

TalentEd Perform means less paper and fewer filing cabinets — everything is securely stored, accessible from anywhere, and quickly retrievable in the cloud — for you, your staff, and your principals.

Easily monitor district, building, and grade-level performance trends to help make data-driven decisions for staff performance and professional development. Plus, TalentEd Perform makes it easy to change and customize forms and processes.

The effective way to evaluate your teachers

Increasingly, educators and administrators are focused on the value of performance evaluations. TalentEd Perform allows you the flexibility to complete evaluations efficiently and effectively, while providing your teachers and staff the feedback that will best serve your students.

By eliminating paperwork and redundant tasks, TalentEd Perform allows principals to transfer that effort to coaching and mentoring.

Designed to fit your needs. No matter the size.
  • Smaller Districts - TalentEd Perform
    < 2,500 students
  • Mid-Size Districts - TalentEd Perform
    2,500 - 10,000 students
  • Larger Districts - TalentEd Perform
    > 10,000 students
  • Charter, Private, Independent Schools
    Charter Schools/Networks
    Private/Independent Schools

Optimized for even the smallest districts and schools

Chances are you’re wearing many hats — superintendent, curriculum director, HR administrator, principal. TalentEd Perform makes complying with evaluation requirements -- while improving the quality of your staff -- easy.

Districts everywhere are abandoning paper processes. What are you waiting for?

TalentEd Perform
eliminates paper from — and streamlines — the evaluation process, allowing you to maximize the effective development of your staff.

Customizable software designed for evaluations today, and beyond

Why are some of the largest and most influential districts across the country choosing TalentEd Perform? No one-size-fits-all solution, TalentEd Perform is flexible, customizable, and scalable to each district’s needs. And with quarterly updates and an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use platform, TalentEd Perform is always responsive to your district’s changing needs.

Paperless evaluation scaled for you

TalentEd Perform makes it easy to comply with evaluation requirements while ensuring improving the quality of your staff in your school.

TalentEd Perform Integrations
  • PD 360
  • TalentEd Sync
  • Educational Impact
  • PDF Export
  • LDAP